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Meet Our Friends


John AdamsProfessionalism and competence, mixed with genuine caring and a welcome sense of humor... Who knew trigger point injections could be so much fun?

John Luther Adams, Fairbanks, AK



May PalmerFor several years I have suffered with chronic TMJ pain which was making life very miserable. As a professional singer, I wondered if I was ever going to be able to continue my profession with the agony I was enduring. I am so glad that Dr. Sekendur was able to quickly diagnose and treat my own specific TMJ problem so effectively! I am now able to continue what I love which is singing.

May Palmer, Lynwood, WA



Dear Dr. Sekendur,

I just wanted to be sure and thank you so very much for helping me to find out what was causing me the physical pain I was going through. I am thankful that Dr. Brinkman sent me to you. You are actually the one that diagnosed the problem. Because of your expertise and moving fast my eyesight was saved. I pray that God bless and watch over you. Please give your sweet dogs a hug and kiss for me. I'll never forget your kindness.


Connie Sunde (9-4-09)



Sarah BogaertWhen I came into the office, I had a horrible case of TMJ. Dr. Sekendur treated me not only as a patient but as a person in need of care. I think Dr. Sekendur is a wonderful person and truly cares for his patients. I would highly recommend anyone with TMJ to come here. It's awesome!

Sarah Bogaert, Edmonds, WA   


Mary O'DayDr. Sekendur is great! I'm recommending everyone I meet with TMJ to him. His work and follow-up exercises did wonders for my TMJ. Medical professionals I had seen prior to Dr. Sekendur either seemed to discount the condition or simply prescribe pain killers. If you want to get your life back, call Dr. Sekendur!

Mary O'Day, Bothell, WA


You guys are great!!!

Annie Ellis, Edmonds, WA


Shandra DouglasI was in tears from back pain when I walked through the door. The staff was incredibly understanding and the office had a calming feel to it. In a few minutes I was in the chair with three cute dogs on my lap. Relief from the pain came fast and it lasted. I feel lucky that I was referred to Dr.Sekendur.

Shandra Douglas, Lake Stevens, WA