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Multidisciplinary Care for TMD

Studies show that the most effective care for Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) is a multidisciplinary approach. Appliance therapy combined with other modalities such as physical therapy, acupuncture, and medication achieve a 75 – 95% success rate. Because of this it is important that patients experiencing TMD/Orofacial pain symptoms be properly evaluated by a trained and qualified dentist. Our office performs a comprehensive evaluation to determine the exact nature and extent of the disorder. We then consult with other professionals including the referring doctor to arrive at an appropriate treatment plan and realistic prognosis. 

Our office is equipped to provide comprehensive treatment for TMD’s/Orofacial pains. In addition, when a referral is necessary, we work with some of the top healthcare professionals in the area. After the patient is seen in our office a full report is provided to the referring professional detailing the examination, diagnosis, and treatment plan. In complex cases follow up reports may be sent.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

For some patients, snoring does not involve a serious medical disorder and can easily be treated with an oral appliance.  Research shows that oral appliances are effective in treating simple snoring and mild to moderate OSA. These appliances have been recommended by the National Institutes of Health and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine as the first line treatment for mild to moderate cases. They are recommended for patients:

Oral sleep appliances are an integral part of sleep medicine. They help to dilate or open the airway by altering the position of the lower jaw. Working together with physicians, a specially trained dentist is a valuable member of the SLEEP TEAM. We can provide a viable alternative, or an adjunct to surgery or CPAP.

We provide a complete examination to identify physiologic and behavioral predisposing factors which include:

Tourette's Syndrome

In addition to an oral appliance Dr. Sekendur has developed a new totally non-invasive and safe approach for the treatment of Tourette's Syndrome.


Our office firmly believes that a nonsurgical conservative approach is the most safe and effective treatment for the majority of cases. Every effort is made to avoid expensive and nonreversible therapy such as surgery or extensive dental treatment. Identification of all contributing factors and conservative well defined management techniques combine to provide good long term relief for most patients. 

Referral Forms

Health care professionals wishing to refer patients to our office can download our referral form and mail it to us or send it with the patient. If you prefer we can mail your office the standard referral pad.  

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