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Treatment of Tourette's

In our office we treat the symptoms of Tourette’s with a combination of an oral appliance and electrical stimulation. This combination is more effective than either treatment alone and gives patients an alternative when wearing an oral appliance is inconvenient (i.e. when eating or talking). Also, the oral appliance is not practical for some patients as it can cause TMJ pain in some cases. We perform a complete evaluation before proceeding and can test the patient before making an appliance to see if it will be effective:

Individuals with Tourette’s have often described a feeling of anxiety preceding a tic. The presence of anxiety may explain why an oral appliance and electrical stimulation work so well. The electronic device we use is safe and FDA approved for the treatment of anxiety. We have tried many cheaper devices sold on the internet but found that these are not as effective, their safety has not been tested and they are not FDA approved. When using the device and/or the oral appliance patients have described a feeling of calm which in turn reduces their need to tic. The effects can be seen within 10 seconds and are quite dramatic in some cases. The oral appliance seems to be more effective than electrical stimulation but in combination with the electrical stimulation has produced impressive results in our patients as the following videos demonstrate: